Mounting Rig


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The Mounting Rig is the interface that combines the actuator and gripper lip with the robot. This is a locked element of the design platform, meaning all current and future elements must comply with the interfaces of the Mounting Rig. This gives you the ability to freely combine gripping solutions, while easily being able to upgrade to future platform expansions. The 4 flexible fan-blades maintains a very lightweight design, while provinding a stiff and durable mount when locked in place. The rig is made in a metal reinforced epoxy, carefully selected to make it resistent towards mechanical impact, extreme temperaturs, chemical cleaning agents and high-pressure wash-down. There are no hidden cavities or drip zones, making it as cleaning friendly as possible.

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 400 mm

Metal reinforced epoxy

Chemical resistance


1 TGC Mounting Rig

Technical Specification 

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