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Rentals cannot start/end on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday (highlighted).
Total: € ( days)
Rental return within days

The Rental Gripper Case is available for you to try out and test our gripper solutions on your own applications and setup for up to two weeks.

For each gripper case, a security deposit of € 700 will be invoiced, as well as a preparation fee of € 50. The rental periods are from Monday to Monday and the duration is fixed to one or two weeks

Should any problems arise with the equipment during the rental period, or if you have questions about our products and operation of the grippers, please contact The Gripper Company by email info@thegrippercompany.com.

See clauses applicable to the rental agreement below.

Additional information

Weight 5700 g
Dimensions 555 × 428 × 211 mm
Gripper Lips





Video Gallery

The Four Fingers Lip

The lip is made in an elastic material and has a symmetrical four-point grasp, designed with bionic compliance. The fingers can be solid or metal reinforced, enabling them to conform around or press in at a workpieces, respectively. Fine ripples on the tip of the fingers, secures a grip on hard smooth surfaces and generates friction on wet once. The lip can be fitted with control bands for additional compliance, or left hollow with room for larger workpieces. The For Fingers Lip is inherently well suited for organic inputs and has a wide capability span. With the right configuration, it will successfully handle workpieces varying from soft dough balls, to cylindrical plant-plugs or odd-shaped pears.


Technical Specifications

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The Dual Belt Lip

The modular belt gripper, with a series of job-optimized attachable belts, empowers you to mimic a delicate, two finger grasp, well-suited for small and thin items. The inherently designed self-compliance gives you an intuitively, self-aligning grasp. The tree belts are all optimized to match a targeted variety of object in respective dimensional ranges. The intersection inner surface structures of the belt are carefully designed to balance gentleness and firmness of the grasp. The overall bionic structure of the belts are FEM optimized to ensure a natural grasp , hold and release motion that fulfills a set of requirements:

  • Positioning tolerance
  • Size- and shape tolerance
  • Secure grasp
  • Controlled release
  • Even mounting and assembly utilizing the inherent self compliance
  • Clearance requirements
  • Durability
  • Unintended crash resistance


Technical Specifications

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The Any-Mount

The Any-Mount is the connection between the tool flange of the robot and the gripper lip, and holds the interchangeable actuator insert. We have made it as a modular structure, giving you freedom of choice over what actuates which gripper lip and to use it with any material handling robot. The Any-Mount Sort consists of 4 elements, the Mounting Rig, the Robot Tool Flange Adaptor insert, the Actuator Insert and the Lock-ring.Thanks to the Any-Mount is there no tools required for interacting with our grippers during daily operations, be it change of griper lip or cleaning procedures.


Technical Specification

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Rental agreement

The Gripper Company ApS | Rental agreement | (Worldwide)

edition 1 | April 2022

Clauses applicable to the rental agreement between:

The Gripper Company ApS, CVR DK41241721, herafter "Lessor"
The customer as detailed on the order confirmation, hereafter "Lessee"

§ 1. The rented items

The terms of this rental agreement apply to the rental of a gripper case, as detailed on the order confirmation.

§ 2. Property rights

The rented items belong to the Lessor and are the Property of the Lessor. Lessee is not entitled to sell, mortgage or otherwise legally dispose of the rented items. Type designations, manufacturing numbers and the like that serve to identify the rented items must not be removed.

§ 3. Right of use and delivery

Lessee has the right to use the rented items in its business activities. The rented items may not be removed from the Lessee place of business or sublet, lent, or left to third parties. Upon receipt of the rented items, Lessee must immediately examine these in a responsible manner and in the event of any errors or omissions, make a written complaint to Lessor.

The equipment must be treated and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and must be returned to the Lessor in the same physical and functional condition as in the condition in which these have been handed over to the Lessee.

§ 4. Invoice and deposit

At the conclusion of the agreement, Lessee pays a deposit, DKK (xxx). When the payment has been received, Lessor issues an invoice for the deposit and fees as stated in § 1. Upon the Lessee's return of the rented items, these are credited again with a deduction of rent, fees, etc.

§ 5. Risk

Lessee bears the risk of the items from the conclusion of the agreement until the time when the items are properly returned to Lessor. If the items are damaged, Lessee must notify Lessor immediately.

If the damage of the items is due to Lessee's misuse or incorrect operation of these, Lessee is then liable to Lessor.

§ 6. Insurance

The Lessee is obliged, at his own expense, to have the rented equipment insured against loss or damages as well as against the liability that the Lessee as user, or the Lessor as owner, may incur by using the rented equipment.

§ 7. Return delivery

At the end of the rental period or upon termination of the rental agreement, Lessee must return the rented items to Lessor at the given address. The Lessee pays all costs associated with this and the Lessee may not exercise a lien on the rented items.

Lessor is entitled to set off any claim arising from this rental agreement in the paid deposit, including, but not limited to accrued interest, fees, commissions and claims due to the Lessee's lack of maintenance or the items' inoperability due to the Lessee's incorrect operation and costs for legal recovery of the rented items.


§ 8. Responsibility of Lessee

Lessee is responsible for ensuring that both private and public regulations that apply to the use of the rented items are complied with and that the necessary permits are obtained. Lessee bears the risk of damage to Lessee's property and damage to Lessee's staff due to defects or dangerous properties of the rented items.

Lessee must maintain the rented items so that they are always in good and usable condition and show no deterioration other than that which results from ordinary wear and tear and aging.

Lessee must carefully observe the applicable instructions for maintenance. When maintaining and repairing the rented items, no changes or conversions may be made to them.

§ 9. Violation

Lessor may, without notice, terminate the rental and claim compensation for its loss, including expenses that Lessor may have incurred if Lessee materially violates its obligations under the rental agreement, including that:

      1. Lessee goes bankrupt and the estate does not, within eight days after receiving the notice to enter the rental agreement, provide the necessary security.
      2. Lessee stops its payments and does not, within eight days of receiving a request to this effect with the approval of the supervisor, provide the necessary security for the fulfillment of the rental agreement.
      3. Lessee neglects to maintain the rented items or fails to properly repair them.
      4. Lessee removes the rented items from its place of business.
      5. Lessee uses the rented items in violation of the laws, regulations, and instructions applicable to such use, or fails to obtain the necessary public permits.
      6. Lessee fails to take out and maintain insurance under §6.

If the rental agreement is terminated by Lessor, or the rental agreement terminates due to the destruction or total damage of the rented items, Lessor, cf. § 7, is entitled to set off his receivable in the deposit paid by Lessee.

§ 10. Jurisdiction

Lawsuits concerning claims based on the rental agreement can only be brought before the court in the court district where Lessor has its principal place of business, and the legal relationship is decided in accordance with Danish law.

This agreement may serve as a basis for enforcement in accordance with § 478 of the Judicial Procedure Act

The Gripper Company ApS 2022

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