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Automated transplanting of flower plugs with the Four Fingers Lip, @Rosa Danica A/S
Precision assembly of LEGO Dublo bricks, on a non-precision robot arm. Only possible with a taylor-suited build of the Four Fingers gripper lip, providing self-compliance for alignment of the bricks and clicking them together.
How would you grab a thin object with a flat on flat or sticky surface? We humans would, without a second thought, use our nails to get a grip under the object and peel it off. The same effect is achieved with this new Finger - Nails configuration module, an expansion of the TGC Four Fingers' build platform.
Showcasing the capabilities The Dual Belt Gripper Lip, equivocating a human pinch grasp for small and tiny workpieces. Exchange the belts for a specialized custom grip. Like in this video, The Dual Belt Lip handles 100 ml syringes, Lego figures and electrical wires, with the Large, Medium and Small Belts, respectively.  

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