Four Fingers Lip

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The lip is made in an elastic material and has a symmetrical four-point grasp, designed with bionic compliance. The fingers can be solid or metal reinforced, enabling them to conform around or press in at a workpieces, respectively. Fine ripples on the tip of the fingers, secures a grip on hard smooth surfaces and generates friction on wet once. The lip can be fitted with control bands for additional compliance, or left hollow with room for larger workpieces.
The For Fingers Lip is inherently well suited for organic inputs and has a wide capability span. With the right configuration, it will successfully handle workpieces varying from soft dough balls, to cylindrical plant-plugs or odd-shaped pears.

Additional information

Weight 170 g
Dimensions 96 × 96 × 92 mm

Hard [A50], Soft [A35]


Control Belts (Inward), Hollow, Control Belts (Outward)


Donut, Solid, Reinforced

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