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– Rent A Gripper case for up to two weeks


*Rental* Gripper Case

The Rental Gripper Case is available for you to try out and test our gripper solutions on your own applications and setup for up to two weeks. For each gripper case, a security deposit of € 700 will be invoiced, as well as a preparation fee of € 50. The rental periods are from Monday to Monday and the duration is fixed to one or two weeks Should any problems arise with the equipment during the rental period, or if you have questions about our products and operation of the grippers, please contact The Gripper Company by email See clauses applicable to the rental agreement below.

Rent for  100,00

Gripper Lips are available now! Visit the online shop

The Any-Mount

Modular Assembly 

The Any-Mount is the connection between the tool flange of the robot and the gripper lip. We have made it as a modular structure, giving you freedom of choice over what actuates which gripper lip and to use it with basically any robot. The Any-Mount consists of 4 elements, the Mounting Rig, the Tool-flange Adaptor, the Actuator Insert and the Lock Ring. 

Hands only

There are no tools required for interacting with our grippers during daily operations, be it change of job or cleaning procedures. Thanks to the hands-only Lock-ring, a bit of elbow grease is all that’s needed to remove the gripper lip and actuator, leaving the drip-free Mounting Rig on the robot.

Your Robot of Choise 

Robot tool flange designs and dimensions are vendor specific. But the only thing you have to exchange when switching robot is The Tool-flange Adaptor. We supply adaptors for a list of the most common robot vendors. In case your robot isn’t covered or otherwise, we’ve shared the CAD data necessary for you to make your own.

The Any Mount is available now! Visit the online shop

About The gripper Company

First and foremost The Gripper Company,  provides a novel concept of bionic end-effectors for industrial material handling robotics. Each of our gripper solutions are instances of a modular platform, making them inexpensively configured for optimal performance under given circumstances.
The Gripper Company is founded by the Danish Hjørnet family, with more than three decades of expertise and competence in bionic gripping technology incorporated. We have developed and integrated robotic automation solutions across industries, from food manufacturing to waste management to appliances. With many years of hands-on experience, we are now ready to offer our unique gripping technology as commercially available for the automation industry at large.

TGC are on a MISSION to make reliable, intuitive and affordable gripping solutions in a sustainable fashion.
We will, cost-effectively, offer the right tool for the job, by applying platform thinking in every level of our design process. Our solution allows any configuration of lip type and actuation method to be mounted on any robotic manipulator. We will continuously expand the platform by adding new methods of actuation and creating more types of lips.
The lips are designed according to bionic principals, giving their gripping mechanism a self-compliance of fluid mechanical forces. Each lip type is in itself a modular platform, with the option to build a lip with job specific properties, before ordering the final design.
We are determined to keep the environmental impact of our solutions to a minimum. Our customers are kindly asked to, and financially rewarded for, participating in a lip-return-system. Thus, we will make sure every part is sorted and properly recycled.

The Gripper Company have a VISION of offering a greater opportunity for automation to meet the growing requirements of increased productivity and lack of manual labor. We envision a future where the cost of living is significantly reduced through a much higher degree of automation in industries like food manufacturing, parcel handling and waste management. We want to access the handling solution in the most sustainable and environmentally gentle way possible without losing the careful gripping touch. This will be done though intensive product- and material development, all in support of The UN world goals.

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