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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 110 × 110 × 170 mm
Actuator Type

Air Actuator Insert, none

Valve kit

Valve kit, none

Tool Flange Insert

ABB, Omron Adept, Cobots, 3D CAD model, none


ALU Alloy 6061T6, Metal reinforced Epoxy

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The Any-Mount is the connection between the tool flange of the robot and the gripper lip. We have made it as a modular structure, giving you freedom of choice over what actuates which gripper lip and to use it with any material handling robot. The Any-Mount consists of 4 elements, the Stand-off, the Tool-flange Insert, the Actuator Insert and the Lock-ring.
Thanks to the Any-Mount is there no tools required for interacting with our grippers during daily operations, be it change of griper lip or cleaning procedures.

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Designed for freedom to operate without compromise

  • Modular structural design
  • Light weight,
  • Resilient to mechanical impact, temperature and humidity
  • Chemical resistance
  • Intuitive assembly sequence
  • Unrestricted combinatoric configurations
  • Tool-free operation and gripper changeover


Accommodates robot vendor specific tool flanges

  • Robot tool flange designs and dimensions are vendor specific. But the only thing you have to exchange when switching robot is The Tool-flange Insert. We supply inserts for a list of the most common robot vendors. In case your robot isn't covered or otherwise, we've shared the CAD data necessary for you to make your own.


Nice and easy cleaning

  • All materials are blended to be resistant to cleaning with chemical agents, scrubbing and high pressure wash-down
  • Intuitive and tool-free disassembly, eliminating hidden cavities and accommodates inspection
  • Fits into a commercial dishwasher, or even autoclave based wash and disinfection processes
  • No sharp edges or narrow/hidden cavities

Technical Specification 

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