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Gripper Any-Mount complete – configurable

From  780,00

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Material: Metal reinforced resign
Chemical resistance : Chemical resistance table
For further technical details ANY MOUNT – technical specifications

Generic gripper mount for TGC grippers. configurable with a series of actuation insert, pneumatic air cylinder/Solenoid/servo motor, and Robot Tool Flange element module for various Industrial Robot Brands.


Designed for freedom to operate without compromise

  • Modular structural design, structure to maximize applicability and utilization
  • Light weight, robust and resilient to mechanical impact, temperature and humidity and chemical resistance.
  • Intuitive and self-explaining assembly sequence
  • Unrestricted combinatoric configurations with immediate catch up as the gripper and actuator portfolio expands
  • Easy tool-free assembly and gripper changeover
  • The user-friendly design facilitates mounting and removal of the specific gripper and actuator-modules, without any need for tools, using only your hands. The mechanical interfaces are fool-proof (poke oke). Human hand compliant and give a great feel feedback when working with the assembly – Video Link

Accommodates vendor simple specific robot tool flange adaptors

  • Tool flange design and dimensions are vendor specific as no industry wide standard has been reached. To seamlessly and cost efficiently overcome this the top end of the standoff leaved a generic interface to support vendor specific TCP adaptors. We even allow open HW here so you without any restrictions can make your own if desired. For convenience we also offer such for a large range of the most popular robot brands.

Easy cleaning – resistant to aggressive processes

  • All materials are blended to be resistant to hush chemical cleaning agents and scrubbing when need. Can be clean under pressure incl.
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning eliminating hidden cavities and all-over inspection.
  • Fits into a commercial dishwasher, or even autoclave based wash and disinfection processes.
  • No sharp edges or narrow/hidden cavities enables easy and effective cleaning and handling

Additional information

Weight 0.400 g
Dimensions 105 × 105 × 200 mm
Option ( actuator kit)

non, air cylinder, Servo N4, Servo N4WD

Actuator mount brick

Air, Motor

robot attachment flange

non, COBOT, Adept, ABB

Applies to all TGC grippers

the design allows all TGC grippers to be mounted recardless of actuation type




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